Our Approach

The Purpose of the Christian Life
God designed us for a purpose, and the ministries of Armitage are focused on helping people take steps toward fulfilling their purpose through five main areas.


Worshiping God — Worship acknowledges God’s holiness and our dependence on Him. It happens corporately each week as we gather to celebrate who God is and what He’s done for us, but it also happens individually as we surrender our attitudes, decisions, actions, and resources to Him on a daily basis.


Sharing the Good News — Jesus died to save us from our sin and give us hope for an abundant life. That’s good news! God wants us to take part in sharing this life-giving news with others in the world around us.


Connecting with God’s People — The Christian life can be challenging. We need connections with other believers to help us stay the course. Being part of a spiritual family provides a safe place to find acceptance, encouragement, friendship, accountability, and the opportunity to help others along in their spiritual journey.


Living According to God’s Plan — The Bible is full of wise instruction on how to live life according to God’s plan and priorities. The key to a fulfilling life is learning how to continually grow in our ability to live out that wisdom in our daily lives.


Serving Others — As we learn to place the needs of others before our own, we begin to see others the way God sees them and He can use us to meet their. The Bible says we were designed so that God could use us to do this very thing, and when we serve others, whether their needs are physical, spiritual, relational, or emotional; we communicate Gods love to them in the most meaningful way.


The Role of the Church
Our church life is intentionally focused on the following areas:


Proclaiming The Gospel – Jesus came to give us hope of a new life free from the bondage of sin, and the Bible tells us that the church should be active in carrying that message to the world. Doing this as a church also helps us equip Christians at every level of maturity to be more effective in doing their part to carry this good news to the people around them.


Nurturing Disciples – The Christian life is a journey of spiritual development that doesn’t end when someone places their faith in Jesus Christ to save them from their sins. In fact, that’s just the beginning. The church is a spiritual community where we strive to help each other keep moving forward in that journey. We do that through Biblical teaching & preaching, loving relationships, and serving others.


Exalting Christ in the City – We share the love of God with the world around us by caring for those in need, standing for justice, speaking truth to those in power, promoting peace, and serving our neighbors. We focus our efforts on Chicago and other world-class cities because God has given us a special burden for the unique individuals that call the city home.


One Church in Many Locations
Since part of our mission is to “exalt Christ in the city,” as we grow in size and spiritual maturity, we’ll be sending groups of our people out across Chicagoland to establish new locations from which to serve and minister throughout the area.