Spring Musical - "That's So Daniel"

Hello Parents,

It has been amazing to teach music to your children and see them grow each day. We are starting on February 18th, our rehearsal for the Spring Musical, and we would love to have your child with us. Our practices will be on Sundays during the Sunday School. It is essential to have them in every rehearsal to practice and learn all the songs.

Your child will receive a binder with the songs and a CD to practice at home. However, they need to bring every Sunday to our practice time.

This Musical is about to make good choices, and it is based on the story of Daniel and his friends. I encourage you to read with your child during this time the book of Daniel and help them to understand the good choices that Daniel made.

Important dates for us:

May 20th is our performance on Sunday night (Bring family and friends)

May 19th is our final rehearsal at 4 pm


We are going to sing on Sunday morning.

These are the dates:

March 11th

April 8th

May 13th – Mother’s Day


My goal is to develop a Children’s Choir that could sing every two months.


Any question, please send me an email: Leonardo.barros@armitagechurch.org



Leonardo Barros

Worship Arts Minister

(270) 572-1741

Worship Arts Ministry

The Worship Arts Ministries at Armitage Baptist Church exists to magnify the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs and a variety of artistic expressions that reflect the creativity and glory of God. Our Worship Arts Ministry primarily consists of volunteers who have gifts and talents in the area of artistic expression and desire to dedicate these to the Lord for the glory of his name and for the edification of fellow believers.

Praise Team

The Praise Team is main group of our worship through music at ABC. Therefore, skilled and gifted instrumentalists (guitar, bass, drums, piano, and keyboard) are needed to regularly accompany congregational singing. In addition, we are in need to have other instrumentalists (brass, woodwinds, strings, etc.) step forward for more occasional service. If you are interested in being part of the team.

Please, send an email to leonardo.barros@armitagechurch.org. Rehearsals take place on Saturday mornings from 9 - 11:30 am, and Sunday mornings and evenings. Audition is required.

A/V Tech Team

The Audio Visual Team of Armitage Baptist Church exists to enhance the overall worship experience to that we are all able, without distraction, to freely and more intimately experience and worship God. If you have special skills and interests in videography (filming/acting/ speaking/editing/etc…), in sound engineering, or in lighting/set design please email 

leonardo.barros@armitagechurch.org to set up a time to talk about the possibilities for service within this ministry area.

Children's Music Program and Choir

The Worship Arts Ministry at ABC offers to your children an opportunity to grow spiritually and musically developing their talents to serve the Lord. We offer a music program with choir during our evening Sunday at 6:30 pm. Growing the love of God through music in children, the most precious gift of creation. Growing in Grace is a comprehensive, scripturally-based music curriculum engaging multiple learning styles, developed by proven music educators and children's choir experts. Registration is required in this link: